Landing: Coming in Hot!

20 Mar 2017

We've been working hard this past week to make some much needed updates!

What's new you ask?

Well, we've redesigned the landing page to get helpful information for new potential users faster. And we know you love to be social, so we've added some social media links. Send us a tweet, check us out on facebook, or drop into our discord for a chat! We might not always be on discord, but if you say hi sometime between 4-9PM PST you are very likely to see one of us hanging around.

Streamers, we listened to your comments and have added a new Guide page to help you along. In addition to this there is a new plugin update which gives you the option to hide the default image and 'Ads by' disclosure text on a per scene basis when you are not receiving ads. You can also move the disclosure text around so it's in one of the four corners of the ad image.

We’ve also made some tweaks to the Streamer and Advertiser agreements; we will send out an email to those affected.

Hope you like the new look!

Special thanks to   for their ad and   for his stream footage!

PAX East: Ready for Launch!

12 Mar 2017

On Thursday Dylan flew all the way over from Oregon to meet me (Shadi) at PAX East. I picked him up at Logan airport right before midnight and we immediately went out to visit another friend. After waking our friend and finally convincing him that, yes we were in fact at his door, we we all went up to grab a drink at Saloon (highly recommend!) for a little catch up before preparing for what turned out to be a very tiring and busy three days.

We woke up early Friday morning to make some last minute changes to the site before making them public and I made some asparagus quiche. I know, I know, who spends the time to make that?! Well it's delicious, really delicious. That’s why!

With our stacks of business cards and Sailstream lanyards (everyone loves swag at PAX!) we headed out.

Dylan had never been to PAX and I had only gone once before, so we were both hyped! We were especially excited to run into streamers that we could help through Sailstream, as well as advertisers who could benefit from a more efficient method of advertising in eSports.

In the end, we were very pleased with how it turned out. We met tons of people and ended up networking with some great streamers and advertisers (some, even over lunch!).

Moving forward, we’re excited to roll out some changes that we’ve deemed necessary after getting feedback about our platform from both streamers and advertisers.

Most of all, though, we’re looking forward to working with you!