Advertiser FAQ

How are impressions determined?

Impressions equal the number of viewers currently watching the stream on which your ad appears. We use the live stream data to estimate impressions for ad views. It is important to note that impressions recorded are not unique.
Imagine the following scenario: a streamer has 10 concurrent viewers. Your ad plays 4 times on their stream over the course of an hour. During that hour, your campaign will have accumulated 40 impressions (10 concurrent viewers * 4 instances).
As an advertiser, your metrics dashboard reports (and allows you to download) detailed metrics data, such as unique viewers over time as well as hourly and daily summaries of viewership.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is determined from a set CPM rate plus any additional targeting you select. The base CPM rate is the cost per thousand impressions of a base campaign. Choosing to add additional targeting parameters will increase the CPM cost of the campaign.

What about ad-blockers?

Your ads are embedded in the video data of the stream which means they cannot be blocked with ad-blockers.

What happens if my campaign ends before the allocated impressions are reached?

Sailstream will attempt to fulfill all the impressions on your campaign. However, it is possible that this will not happen. If all of the impressions on your campaign are not met, we will send you an email notifying you and giving you several options including extending the campaign ("rollover") for an additional 7 days to complete the remaining impressions.

Streamer FAQ

Can I choose what ads show up?

Sailstream will always approve all campaigns before they reach your stream, but you do not have individual control over what ads will appear on your stream.

Are there any requirements for streamers?

For receiving ads, the streamer must meet the following two requirements:
-Must have greater than 500 followers on their channel.
-Must have 25 or more concurrent live viewers in the current stream.

How are payments handled?

Payments are sent through PayPal to the email address you provided when you registered. Sailstream must pay a fee to PayPal every time payments are sent. Because of this, your payment will not be sent if your owed account balance is under $5.00 USD. If this is the case, your owed balance will 'carry over' into the next pay period until you accrue an owed balance of $5.00 USD or greater.

When are payments sent?

Payments are sent twice each month. You should see the funds deposited into your PayPal account betweeen 6 and 10 days after the end of the pay period. This delay is necessary to finish processing the payments from all campaigns through to our accounts, and then to disburse them to your account.

How much will I be paid?

We work on a revenue-share model, meaning that we pay you a percentage of the total cost of the advertising campaign. Your payments will be calculated on a per-instance basis; every time an ad displays on your stream, your Sailstream account will be credited with the amount you are owed from that instance of the ad on your stream. Your account balance will be processed out twice a month (see 'When are payments sent?' above).

How is payment calculated?

When an ad shows on your stream, we immidately credit an amount to your Sailstream account that is calculated based on the CPM of the campaign, the viewers on your stream when the ad was shown, and revenue-share percentages.

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